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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: est Hollow de Godric
Favourite genre of music: alternative/r&b
Favourite of-all-time characters: Kenshin Himura, Aang, Tifa Lockhart, Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Seiya (Saint Seiya), Seiya Kou, Usagi Tsukino, Harry Potter, Aberforth Dumbledore (what? he stood up to Albus and is the only one who could scold him)
Personal Quote: Bee humble

How I got my username: In Trigun, Wolfwood asked Vash what his real name was and Vash answered, "My name is Irrelevant." Lol, verbal irony is kewl. And it was the turning point in the story where Wolfwood dies so it's a tribute to him. Maverick is from Megaman X (a video game). It's a strange word so I used it because it defined me.

There's so many things I want to buy that I downloaded a shopping list app. Besides groceries, it's pretty handy for when I do have spending money and can't remember all the things I wanted to get. But not all things I'm able to find. So if you find an affordable custom bamboo wall hanging (tapestry) seller, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I found a seller but the price is way too much for my wallet. I just want to make a bamboo tapestry of Naruto, which I'll send my own fanart to be printed from, and a separate one of Sakura. I have this idea of hanging both tapestries side by side to demonstrate my love for this couple.

Whew, and it's a really hot summer~


To follow up with my previous journal, I wanted to share why I support this couple even though the Naruto manga isn't only about romance, it is after all a shounen manga.

Back when I was a wee little lass I watched Naruto. Now I loved Team 7 although I thought Sasuke could be a real party pooper. When Naruto and Sakura would get worked up about something (in a hilarious way), I always wanted him to join in even a little. I didn't care about any pairings. I thought nothing about the little crushes and just kicked back and enjoyed the ninja tactics.

But what turned me into a NaruSaku fan was Naruto himself! It was back during the Chuunin exam, when Gaara began destroying Konohagakure. He trapped Sakura in the process. Naruto, gets his ass in gear and musters up the strength to summon Gamabunta. It makes me remember what Haku told him, that if you have someone important to protect only then would you become truly strong. Then Naruto desperately concentrates, which I think is his first 'Promise of a Lifetime', "I WILL PROTECT SAKURA-CHAN!!!"

I thought, "Ho shit! (Well, I didn't swear in my thoughts when I was kid lol) This guy's serious!" Naruto really was in love with Sakura. Seems like it wasn't just a simple crush like I wiped it off as. I was pretty impressed by his resolve and couldn't believe he loved her so much that he'd risk his life instead of waiting for backup from Kakashi-sensei. Love knows no bounds as they say haha.

As for Sakura-chan, I liked her at the beginning but of course, my focus was on Naruto and how sad it was that he was ignored by the other villagers. Then when he became a part of Team 7, I became excited for him and he's still my favorite character. I really hoped they'd become his friends. I became a fan of Sakura not when she cut her hair like some have, but when I saw her jump in front of the old man Tazuna to protect him from those random ninjas. I thought it was pretty brave of her in a good surprising way! Then later on she surprised and impressed me again when she released the genjutsu spell that almost everyone in the Chuunin exam stadium fell under, besides her, Kakashi-sensei, Guy, and Shikamaru. Why is that impressive? Because she learned from her mistake. She can change and grow. She isn't just a static character or plain lead woman who serves as just the romantic interest. When Kakashi-sensei had them under-go the bell training, she immediately fell for Kakashi-sensei's, admittedly disturbing so I can't blame her, genjutsu. We didn't even see her train, but she obviously must've done so on her own time. Now she had illusion-dispelling under her belt but since Naruto and Sasuke have more colorful in-your-damn-face attacks, hardly anybody saw this as a great skill.

When this manga is over, I look forward to drinking to NaruSaku:ahoy: Who knows, Tsunade out of the Sannin became Hokage when she had no aspirations to do so. In the recent chapter, Sakura who had been training steadily to gain medical skills and physical force, declares she will help fight along side her teammates. She acknowledged before that she was weak volumes ago and wanted the skills needed to protect her friends which is why Tsunade took her under her wing. Sakura strikes me as a balance between Naruto and Sasuke, just as before when she was able to walk (or run?) up the tree and surprise me, maybe she might have what it takes to become Hokage. If not, my vote goes to Naruto but even I don't think he'd mind too much if he got to be the HUSBAND of the HokageXD

Go TEAM 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconnaruto-uzumaki-club::iconsakura-haruno-lovers::iconsasuke-uchiha-club:
FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Listening to: Lighters ~Eminem ft Bruno Mars
  • Reading: Naruto
  • Watching: Men at Work (TBS show)
  • Playing: Wizard dueling on Pottermore
  • Eating: côtelettes de porc avec les paprikas vert
  • Drinking: Tousjours CocaCola


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